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About Us

Serving the tri-state area with exceptional chiropractic care since 1994!

About Buttermilk Chiropractic CenterPracticing at this location for more than two decades, Dr. Merle Helgeson has been steadfastly committed to providing his patients with high-quality chiropractic care. Whether you’ve been putting up with pain for too long or simply want to feel your best through regular chiropractic care, you’ve come to the right place. Our chiropractic care center is a friendly, natural health care resource for those in Crescent Springs and Fort Mitchell, and Villa Hills.

Our Practice Philosophy

We are committed to naturally healing patients and getting to the cause of their problems —not just treating symptoms.

Some of Our Miracle Stories

It’s highly gratifying to see our patients improve dramatically through chiropractic. Here are some of our favorite success stories:

From crawling to walking – One patient was in so much pain and had crawled into the office in a bathrobe. After an adjustment, the patient was able to walk out.

Avoiding surgery – Helped a patient who had severe low back pain and bulging discs avoid surgery.

Migraine headache relief – A registered Nurse who was pregnant could not take her Migraine prescription for her severe headaches. She was surprised at how quickly she got relief.

Colic relief – After treating a two-week-old baby with colic who hadn’t slept for more than a few hours at a time, the child slept for five hours straight following one adjustment from Dr. Merle Helgeson.

Optimize your health so you can live your best life. Contact Buttermilk Chiropractic Center today to book a same-day appointment with Dr. Merle Helgeson!

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