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Since 1990, Chiropractor Dr. Merle Helgeson has been caring for patients naturally with effective chiropractic care. A wide array of techniques are at his disposal, ensuring you get customized care to best meet your needs. Call now!

About Us

Crescent Springs Chiropractor Gets Results

Revitalize Your Health at Buttermilk Chiropractic Center

Whether you’ve been suffering from back, neck pain, headaches, arm or
leg pain, or injuries caused by auto accidents, we want to help you get
the relief you need. At Buttermilk Chiropractic Center, Crescent Springs
, Dr. Merle Helgeson is excited about helping patients in
Villa Hills, Fort Mitchell and northern Kentucky to not only get out of
pain but on the path to optimal health and wellness. “I love helping
people get well,” he says.

We don’t mask symptoms, but instead get to the
cause of your problem and provide effective,
drug-free solutions with chiropractic, an
alternative approach to health.

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Did you know that just about every cell, tissue, organ and system
of your body is under the control of your nervous system? When
your nervous system is performing optimally, you can experience
many benefits, including enhanced function, immune support,
improved strength, decreased stress, perfect posture and better
joint motion. Good health isn’t only about feeling better, it’s about
being better.

The wonderful thing about chiropractic is the multitude of health conditions it is able to address as it frees the nervous system from interference. We have a successful history of treating headaches, neck pain, low back pain, allergies, ear infections, extremities and whiplash.

Taking the Time to Listen

Ever felt rushed at another practitioner’s office? Perhaps you’ve felt that you weren’t given adequate time to discuss your concerns. At our practice, Dr. Merle Helgeson, who is caring and compassionate, takes the time to thoroughly listen to your needs and honor your health goals. He will provide you with exceptional chiropractic care, getting you the results you desire.

Offering Convenient Appointments

When you’re in pain, you will want to be seen as soon as possible. We offer patients convenient appointments and it is our commitment to you that we will value your time and keep your wait time to a minimum. Dr. Merle Helgeson provides gentle, efficient, thorough and focused care. On-site X-rays are also available for your convenience.

Discover how fantastic you can feel with natural chiropractic care. Contact us today to book an appointment with Chiropractor Crescent Springs Dr. Merle Helgeson!